Building capacities — The New New projects, one year on

Last year, The New New brought together 24 artists, technologists, thought leaders, writers and designers in 12 projects from across Europe for a six-month fellowship on visions for an inclusive digital future. The Bertelsmann Stiftung and Superrr Lab have continued to work with four of the 12 projects – Algorithms of Late Capitalism, Banlieue du Turfu, […]


Artificial Intelligence and automated decision making are too often developed without consideration for the needs of the individuals and communities they affect. For a fair, inclusive and sustainable future, a wide range of voices must help decide what role AI should play in European societies. The European AI Fund works to make sure civil society […]

“The New New”: Launch of 12 projects in a new European fellowship program

What do more inclusive and diverse digital visions of the future look like? Almost 300 project ideas from all over Europe applied for “The New New”-fellowship. During the last weeks the advisory board selected twelve projects from nine countries. These projects will receive coaching and financial support over six months to further professionalize their existing […]

„The New New”: Launch of a new fellowship for the development of just and inclusive digital futures

Now, more than ever, we need to ask ourselves: What visions for the future should guide our lives today? What role should digital innovation play in these visions? How can we ensure that algorithms, artificial intelligence and other technologies foster inclusion, diversity and cohesion? The New New fellowship, a six-month stipend offered by the Bertelsmann […]

Algo.Rules – How do we get the ethics into the code?

Algorithmic systems are being implemented in a growing number of areas and are being used to make decisions that have a profound impact on our lives. It is up to us to ensure that these systems are designed for the benefit of society. We believe that the design and use of algorithmic systems must follow certain rules, […]

Nine Opportunities and Risks of Algorithmic Decision-Making

1. Normative principles Opportunity: When an ADM process is designed, normative decisions (e.g. about fairness criteria) must be made before the process is used. This offers an opportunity to discuss ethics issues thoroughly and publically at the very start and to document decisions. Risk: ADM processes can contain hidden normative decisions. If discussion is only possible once […]

Almost everything you need to know about the digital public sphere

We try to condense the 90+ pages of our paper “Digitale Öffentlichkeit” (full version in German: DOI 10.11586/2017028) to a short summary below that answers three key questions: Media transformation: How is public discourse changing because of the new digital platforms through which many people now receive socially relevant information? Social consequences: In terms of […]