Ralph Müller-Eiselt

Ralph Müller-Eiselt joined the Bertelsmann Stiftung at the end of 2010. He is Director of the foundation`s Megatrends programme, which examines the social effects, opportunities and risks of digitalization. He is a serial book author and responsible for the blog algorithmenethik.de. Before joining the Bertelsmann Stiftung, he had been working at the President´s Office of Leuphana University of Lüneburg and the Lower Saxonian Ministry for Science and Culture.

Latest posts

Automated Decisions: Europe must speak with one voice

Automated decisions have become a part of many Europeans’ daily lives. Whether for job searches in Finland, healthcare functions in Italy, or the identification of neglected children in Denmark, such systems are coming into use in many EU countries – often for core public-administration functions. Will the EU be able to develop a common response […]

When Machines Judge People

Last week, I spoke about the impact of artificial intelligence and algorithmic decision making on societies and education at the Global Learning Network Convening 2017 organized by America Achieves in Boston. It is a fine line between the promise of better opportunities for all and the peril of increasing social inequality by using such new […]