Paula Simões

Paula Simões has a degree in Journalism and is currently doing her PhD in Digital Humanities. She is an active member of ANSOL, the Portuguese National Association for Free Software and also an active member of D3, the Portuguese Digital Rights Association. She was also president of AEL, an association that promoted F/LOSS, Creative Comons, Public Domain, and Open Access in education and scientific research. She has been writing about these themes for more than a decade.

Latest posts

AlgoRail: Digitalization helps reduce prescription fraud in Portugal

In 2019, 97% of the prescriptions in the public health sector of Portugal were electronic. At the seventh stop of our AlgoRail through Europe, Paula Simoes reports that whilst the digitization of the system has led to an optimization of resources and reduced costs, a major benefit was a crackdown on medical prescription fraud – a reduction by 80% during the first year.  In 2016, the “paperless prescriptions” program and the electronic […]